neljapäev, november 17, 2005

saamas parandet. to be edited.

what are you thinking about in the morning
fish for the cat and a new news to use
oh how the postman unusually early
what should I banish and what should be choosed
what are you thinking about in the streetcar
check to se no bird or dog´s on the rail
smelly seats swetty glass pushing you so far
taking away all the greatness in tale.
what are you could I get please somewhat ...Hello
Blue eyes I want you to see a bit closer.
can sun paint Hi ! on the wall with it´s yellow
everyones sees and becomes little kinder.
what are we? Thinking beings? hurrying like so
occasional flashes of greatness, ideals
we´ll think about it some day, pack to go
to taste and say really? so that´s how it feels?

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