esmaspäev, detsember 12, 2005

Kass. the cat.

in the most comfortable chair of my flat
there´s a feline waiting, and skillfull in that
when somebody comes, he´ll jump right in their feet
and starts chewing your toe, though his plate´s full of meat.
he doesn´t play ball with any ol´fool
or a violent brat of a neighbouring school
arriving from town I see fur somersaulting
my generous laugh he finds rather insulting
he´s demolished the sofa with speed of the light
I´m surprised it puts on a rather good fight
upon two - day -old food he looks with despise
at 4 in the morning he miaus you to rise
he has eyes of an angel when you´re missing a cookie
he´s got black belt in sleeping, he finds Garfield a rookie
that cat, during daytime as the devil himself
in the night blissfull sleep finds on my wardrobe shelf.

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